3K San-Kei provides Door to Door cargo services from Japan to Philippines.


Once we receive your box, it will be sent to the warehouse for inspection. Then, we will provide all export declaration and sent to Manila by ship. Once your box arrives safely in Manila, it will be checked in domestic customs and delivered to the final destination.

Order your box

Let us know the service you want, box size, number of units, and preferred date of delivery for your box. You can call us for free at 0120-93-9488 or directly from here: Order your Box.

Prepare your box

With the box, packing list, sending manual and invoice for the payment in your hands, prepare your box to send, following the instructions in the sending manual.

Pick Up

Once your box is filled up, contact us and schedule a date for pick up.


You can pay our staff when we pick up your box. If outside the covered area (all over Japan), use the invoice and pay through your local convenience store or post office. You can also transfer the money to our bank account.


We will receive your box at our warehouse and prepare the documentation for export. Also, we will prepare your box before putting it into the container ship.


This is the final destination of your box. Always check to see if there’s any damage. If there’s no problem, please sign the document from delivery staff.



Metro Manila: 2〜3 weeks

Other Luzon: 3〜4 weeks

Visayas: 4〜5 weeks

Mindanao: 4〜6 weeks

Other Islands: 4〜6 weeks

*Delivery could be delayed due to the export declaration process or the delayed shipping schedule caused by natural disasters.

*Please be aware that the exact date of delivery to the final destination cannot be guaranteed.


Balikbayan box small



Balikbayan box medium



Balikbayan box large





We do our best to carry your box, but there’s always the possibility of damage especially if the box is too heavy. To avoid the damage, please make sure to pack properly, especially the fragile items. Please do not change the original size of the box as this could result in damage. Changing the box size can incur additional charges.


The packing list is necessary for customs for the export declaration. Shipper, consignee information and the units, the value of the items packed must be checked properly and labeled in your box. If there is incomplete information on your list, your box cannot be exported. Please be aware that if there is false information found in the customs declaration, the shipper must take responsibility.


Please make your payment at a convenience store or a post office before the date of pick up, using the invoice you received with your box. You can also transfer the money to our bank account (bank account details are written in the sending manual). The name on the packing list and the name, address and contact number of the person who made the payment must match. If they don’t, we cannot complete your payment. If your box arrives in the Philippines before the payment is complete, we will charge ¥1,000 per month for the storage fee. If the payment hasn’t been made even after 3 months, we will consider the box abandoned.


Balikbayan boxes are insurance covered according to it’s sizes:
• Super Value Box: U$ 1,000
• Premium Box: U$ 500
• Compact Box: U$ 300

Please be aware that are some itens and situations not covered by insurance: Not enough packing • Over weight (over 80kg) • Fragile items, jewelry and precision machines • Natural disasters, war or any force majeure • Damage of food products caused by insects or pests • Items not written in the Packing List.


The following itens cannot be exported from Japan to Philippines:

Motor bike
and parts

Vehicle parts, engines
and generators

Fresh foods, seeds
and rice

Chlorines and
acid chemicals

Pirated DVDs, CDs
and games

and cash

Guns and

and sprays

Illegal drugs and

You cannot send rice using our service since it has to be quarantined at the Plant Protection Station due to the export regulations of Japan. Electronics, medicines purchased by prescription, transformers, electric tools and water pumps have to meet the regulation of export trade control orders by METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) of Japan. You need to get the approval documents from the manufacturer to send the items mentioned. Computers and game machines also have limits and are monitored.

The main purpose of our service is to help individuals share happiness with their families and friends who live in the Philippines. If you have any concerns or questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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