Pay attention to the documents required for both shipment and release of your move. There are some differences from what is required in Brazil and Japan.

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  • Certificate of work or residence (JUMINHYO)
  • Description and relation of unaccompanied baggage
  • Information sheet
  • Signed “Baggage Rules” Term
  • Copy of flight itinerary
  • Copy of CPF (CIC) and RG or RNE
  • Copy of the Zairyu Card
  • Copy of complete passport(s)


  • Copies of the passport(s)

  • Copies of air tickets

  • Copies of RG or RNE, CPF and proof of residence

  • Documents for the release of luggage

Your documents, like your passport, should always be with you. Do not dispatch with the move. Provide and regularize all Brazilian documents, such as: RG (valid), CPF, Address updated at the Federal Revenue Service (Receita Federal), Military service status certificate, Voter’s Registration.


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